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VP Bank (Switzerland)

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VP Bank (Switzerland)
Investment Account 10 working days 500 USD

VP Bank was founded in Liechtenstein in the 50s of the 20th century and today it can boast of an impressive A-/A-2 credit rating and affiliation with the 25 largest banks of the Duchy and Switzerland. This is the bank, that is focused on providing exclusive services to VIP-clients — it offers individual investment programs, consulting, asset management and so on. It is possible to open a settlement (provided the balance of one million dollars) or savings accounts on it, it works, including, with corporate customers. Opening the bank account with VP Bank Switzerland is convenient for those, who want to get high-quality financial management or full-fledged Internet banking (in English), whose service is free.

It should be remembered, that the structure reserves the right to request contracts, invoices and other documentation for the confirmation of transactions, sources of funds both when creating the account, and during its use. In the rest, the bank is convenient: in it free incoming payments, there is a Russian-language support, different cards are issued.

Procedure of opening of the accounts

Opening the bank account with VP Bank Switzerland is a procedure, that takes about two weeks, provided all the papers are collected in full. The company “Prifinance” will help the beneficiaries and managers to prepare for the meeting with the representative of the structure (this can be done outside the country of its location) and easily pass all the formalities. To create the account it is needed to fill and personally sign the bank forms, and also provide:

  • documents, confirming the fact of establishment of the company — registration, constituent corporate papers (originals), seal;
  • certificates — on the legal status (for companies, that exist for more than a year), Certificate of Incumbency;
  • identification documents for directors, account managers and beneficiaries — orders for the appointment of management, questionnaires, copies of passports and papers, confirming addresses;
  • descriptive information about the applicant’s business — the type and address of the actual conduct of business, the purpose and expected turnover of the account, counterparties, the origin of the funds.

For individuals, passport-identifying documentation is needed, the bank forms filled in. When applying through an official representative, you will also need a power of attorney.


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