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Falcon Private Bank

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Falcon Private Bank
Investment Account 10 working days 500 USD

Falcon Private Bank — Swiss financial structure, which is called a “bank-boutique”. The bank was founded more than 50 years ago, it has a license in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, since it is almost completely owned by the world’s leading investment fund IPIC (Abu Dhabi government property). To start cooperation, it is necessary to make a first contribution of not less than 500,000 Swiss francs, which must be paid within six months, as well as an irreparable balance of one and a half to two million — it must be provided for a year.

The bank has offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, it has won many international awards. It is a luxury financial institution, that provides high-quality investment and savings services for a wealthy private clientele. For corporate applicants, it is also possible to open an account with the Falcon Private Bank, but this requires additional coordination with its management. For clients, the active Internet banking is in operation, professional investment consulting and other advantages:

  • cooperation with any applicants, including offshore jurisdictions;
  • the opportunity to open accounts in the Falcon Private Bank in any currency and remotely — a representative of the bank will come to a meeting in a convenient city for the client;
  • a variety of services, including the maintenance of escrow account, placement of fiduciary deposits — the bank individually solves all customer issues, focusing on their needs.

What is needed to open the account

In order to register the account, it is necessary to form a package of paper to pass a check of the provided documentation (as a rule, it takes no more than two or three weeks):

  • copies of passports and resumes for all individuals, related to the account: private owners, beneficiaries, owners and management of companies, shareholders and so on;
  • information about the business, the intended use of the account and the sources of origin of the funds;
  • if the company opens the account with Falcon Private Bank, an apostilled package of corporate documentation (charters, orders for the appointment of directorates, certificates of incorporation, Good Standing and Incumbency).

It is worth remembering, that the bank reserves the right to request any other documentation. By enlisting the support of the employees of “Prifinance”, it is no need to worry about the successful completion of all procedures.


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