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Bank account C.I.M. Banque

NameAccount typeOpening periodPrice
C.I.M. Banquecurrent account7 working days500 USD500 USD500 USD

C.I.M. Banque

Account type current account
Opening period 7 working days
Price 500 USD

In recent years, it has become possible in Europe to place accounts without long delays and multifaceted inspections. This is true even for a state like Switzerland - one of the most famous, prestigious and respectable banking jurisdictions. With the help of its structures it is possible to reliably allocate funds and make everyday business transactions with convenience.

CIM Bank is a private organization, that is part of the national profile association and provides a wide range of services. This is one of the most popular Swiss banks for external investors. He actively interacts with online business (Forex, trade, trading and so on) and international firms. A traditional low-tax company will not be able to draw up an account there, but exceptions for the BVI, the Cayman Islands and the Marshall Islands, Panama, Belize and other such jurisdictions are done on an individual basis.

For onshore companies, the bank is extremely convenient: it provides a technological, state-of-the-art mobile banking, with which it is possible to work in 24/7 mode in real time. The CIM Banque produces all possible cards and offers personal management services.

Procedure for opening an account

To open the account in this reliable Swiss structure, it is needed to meet certain requirements. Regardless of the applicant (corporate or private), the procedure consists of the following stages:

  • making the minimum initial amount — the CIM Bank stipulates a "threshold" of 5,000 euros/US dollars/Swiss francs for individuals and 20,000 for companies, the funds are subsequently credited to the main account and they can be freely disposed;
  • collection of necessary documentation and its notarization;
  • filling and signing personally by the applicant of bank forms, questionnaires;
  • submission of all papers to the office — it is possible to open the account remotely, through representatives (an official power of attorney is necessary) without coming to the country;
  • waiting for the decision of the bank — "Prifinance" will help to minimize it.

The CIM Bank has few requirements for accounts. They are multicurrency, open for free, the "fireproof" balance for all their types is 1000 US dollars/euro/francs.

Required package of documents:

  • Individuals-clients provide copies of international passports with certification, utility receipts, pages of internal passports with the address and other papers at the request of the bank.
  • The corporate applicants of the CIM Banque will need foundation documents, Good Standing and Incorporation certificates (not older than one year) and documents for shares. Information on the directorate, managers and beneficiaries is also needed — copies of identification papers, information about the address, power of attorney, the decision on appointment, and so on.

Employees of the consulting company "Prifinance" are always ready to support customers and help them to register accounts in prestigious jurisdiction.

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