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Banque Genevoise de Gestion SA

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Banque Genevoise de Gestion SA
Investment Account 10 working days 500 USD

Swiss financial institutions are excellent for companies doing business with European (and any other) partner firms. They are extra-respectable, reliable, as far as it is possible in principle, and provide a wide range of services. Opening an account with BanqueGenevoise de Gestion SA is beneficial and convenient for those, who:

  • wants to effectively and competently manage investments, portfolio, plan inheritance;
  • needs the services of the structure, that participates in the OECD and the FATF, which has agreements, that prevent double taxation and strictly adheres to AML standards;
  • prefers to work with Russian-speaking staff;
  • does not want to enter Switzerland to open the account – it is possible remotely, without meeting with bankers.

Features of the bank

Opening of the account with Banque Genevoise de Gestion SA is convenient because it does not require minimum annual turnover, all types of credit cards are supported and there is secure remote control (via faxes or e-mail with voice confirmations). The structure, founded in 1968 as an investment business, does not provide Internet banking services, but it has many other advantages. The bank does not require numerous recommendations, quickly enough (within two weeks) and inexpensively opens accounts of personal, savings or corporate types. For a legal entity, standard information is required:

  • completed bank forms/applications and passport information of the founders, beneficiaries and directorate;
  • to the extent detailed descriptions of the essence of business, sources of capital/funds;
  • constituent documentation.

Individuals also can open the account with Banque Genevoise de Gestion SA. For successful and trouble-free completion of the operation and starting using the possibilities of the swiss structure, it is needed to enlist the help of the specialists of the company “Prifinance”. We provide all possible services for preparing documents, presenting customers in the bank and performing all routine procedures, without forcing the client to distract from his affairs.


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