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SEB Bank

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SEB Bank
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 500 EUR

Fast registration, convenient remote use and high level of security are qualities that an offshore pay attention to when selecting a financial institution to open an account. In addition to companies, private entities can also enter into contractual relationships with a foreign bank. Choosing the appropriate jurisdiction, they are looking for it by an availability of certain transactions in the activities, such as investment, international activity, salary projects and much more.

Sweden is known in the financial world as a country with large and reliable banking institutions. Seb Bank takes the second place in the ranking of the best companies in the sphere of funds storage and turnover. A lot of attention is paid in it to investment and corporate activities. The Bank offers its customers a wide range of services and facilities:

  • internet service in a twenty-four-hour mode;
  • an opening of corporate accounts and registration of Visa, MasterCard;
  • term deposits and long-term investment loans;
  • registration of loans to replenish the company’s funds.

This Bank has branches in New York, Paris, London, Moscow and other large cities.

Procedure for an opening of an account and its assignment

After the settlement of an account registration, the customer receives the following opportunities:

  • a payments transfer with the help of a bank manager and bank tools or independently through electronic channels;
  • a possibility of money funds redirection at the international level;
  • a deposition of cash into the account and its withdrawing in ATM;
  • a round-the-clock access to information on a balance and transactions through the Internet;
  • a payment by bank cards;
  • an execution of payment orders.

The specialists of Prifinance company will help you to open an account without delays and time wastes. We are familiar with all the procedure stages at a professional level. The customer only needs to provide us with the pre-set package of documents:

  • constituent documents, seal and apostille;
  • for all company participants – originals of civil and foreign passports;
  • officially certified bank forms with samples of signatures;
  • letter from the “home” bank of an advisory nature;
  • certificate of the Good Standing is a certificate or a testimonial letter of a trustworthy state of the customer.

Opening an account will take from three to four weeks. Any features of the transaction shall be discussed on an individual basis.


If you order a new company untill 31 of July, opening a bank account is for FREE

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