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National Australia Bank

Name Account type Account Opening Period Price
National Australia Bank
Corporate account 3-4 weeks 1700 USD

National Australia Bank Limited is considered one of the best Australian banks. The institution provides a high level of service and access to a diversified list of banking products.

Bank advantages

If you plan to open a National Australia Bank account, you will receive the following benefits:

  • a vast network of bank branches;
  • options of accounts not only in the Australian dollar but also in major international currencies (US dollars, euros, British pounds sterling);
  • speed and convenience of international settlements in currencies;
  • confidentiality of client data and communications;
  • absence of minimum balance amount requirements;
  • possibility to open and manage the account remotely; additional bonuses to business reputation.

Account opening procedure

The bank offers individuals to open current, savings, and deposit accounts. Individuals provide the following data and documents along with the application to open an account:

  • passport;
  • utility receipts (proof of address);
  • resume, including information about activities;
  • income information.

The bank offers favorable service conditions for corporate clients. Rates vary depending on account activity. Corporate clients who do not make many transactions pay a bank fee on each closed transaction instead of a monthly fee. Corporate clients who close a lot of transactions pay a monthly fee.

Corporate clients must obtain a business registration number and a unique nine-digit identifier from the competent state authorities in Australia before submitting a package of documents for consideration. A bank account application form is then generated, which, in addition to the application form, must provide:

  • information on the business activities of the legal entity, including the business plan;
  • constituent documents;
  • documents that confirm the legal entity’s current status;
  • information on the structure of the legal entity and the group of companies (if any) to which it belongs;
  • information on the shareholders, beneficiaries, and management of the legal entity, including copies of their passports, utility bills (as proof of registration), resumes, and information on activities and revenues.

It takes 2-3 weeks to open a National Australia Bank account. After that, the bank reserves the right to request additional information and documents and refuses to open an account. The most common reasons for refusal are non-compliance with the bank’s requirements and policies and the submission of unreliable information. Prifinance lawyers have experience opening international accounts and are ready to form application packages to avoid the risk of refusal in opening a bank account.

How Prifinance lawyers can help

If you want to open a National Australia Bank account, Prifinance lawyers are ready to support the process from the beginning until a favorable decision on the issue, including:

  • evaluate the profitability of the option under consideration and select alternatives;
  • collect and process the required documents and data;
  • negotiate with local authorities and bank officials;
  • provide legal advice in resolving issues arising during further work on the account.

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