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LGT Group (Liechtenstein)

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LGT Group
Investment Account 2 weeks 1000 USD

LGT Group is a financial structure, that is owned in 100% volume by the princely family, ruling in Liechtenstein. The Austrian branch provides a variety of services, including the possibility of investing in the portfolio of the Principality. Among the products of the bank:

  • traditional service for wealthy clients — trust management, advice on hereditary planning, property control, and even charity and investments in art;
  • lending — including pawnshops and for the purchase of Austrian real estate;
  • investment programs — except for operations with a high degree of risk.

To open an account with the LGT Group, it is no needed to travel to Austria and do not even need to meet with the representative of the branch immediately. It is possible to visit the manager within three months from the end of the clearance process. The bank has remote account management by phone/fax and e-mail, but Internet banking is only supported by “browsing”.

Features of cooperation with the bank and opening accounts in it

To maintain the “working capacity” of the account, it is necessary, that the balances on it were not less than 300 thousand euros. The initial deposit in the bank is 150 thousand euros, the term of deposit is three months.

It should be remembered, that the bank has long been a bona fide participant in double taxation agreements, accepts all AML terms, is in the FATF and other similar organizations. Opening of the account with the LGT Group (Austria) is suitable for those, who want to receive a reliable and respectable partner and secure their funds.

To conduct the procedure, private applicants will need a copy of the identity documents (foreign passport). The following will be required for companies:

  • original corporate documentation;
  • information on the nature of the business (description) and the address of its actual maintenance;
  • original documents (identity card) of the account manager, summary of the beneficiaries of the business and other papers, depending on the jurisdiction of the firm.

The company “Prifinance” will help to open the account in accordance with the rules and maximize the completion of the procedure as quickly as possible. We provide the full range of banking support and relieve customers from the hassle and registration routine.


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