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Valartis Bank (Liechtenstein)

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Valartis Bank
Investment Account from 2 weeks 1000 USD

Valartis Bank, based in the Principality of Liechtenstein, is a convenient modern financial institution, known for its services to a wealthy clientele. It is one of the best European banks, providing effective investment and control tools for property management, assets. It also opens private and corporate accounts — deposit and other accounts, in US dollars, euros, Swiss francs.

Its advantages are:

  • independence from credit institutions, trustees, trust companies;
  • full-fledged and technological Internet banking;
  • no need to go to Liechtenstein to open accounts;
  • service in 20 other languages;
  • provision of cards, including for an undisclosed person and so on.

Opening of an account with Valartis Bank is a procedure, that includes the provision of documentation, filling out bank forms and reviewing an application by management. As a rule, the decision is made for 7-14 days, after which the client gets access to all banking products. The main specialization of the structure is private banking, but there are other services — transactions with securities and precious metals, demand deposits, fiduciaries, support for trading activities.

Terms of registration of the account

Opening the bank account with Valartis Bank is a service provided by the company “Prifinance”.

We will support the customers during the procedure and help to collect all the documents:

  • passport data and confirmation of addresses for all interested persons (owners, account managers, beneficiaries, management and authorized companies);
  • originals and apostilled copies of the incorporation documentation for corporate applicants;
  • completed bank questionnaires and forms;
  • for companies, that exist for more than a year — Good Standing certificates.

We will make the procedure for opening accounts easy, transparent and simple. It does not take much time and energy — the company “Prifinance” will do its best to get you access to banking services as soon as possible.


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