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Name Account type Account Opening Period Price
Corporate account 2 weeks 2600 EUR

CSOB is one of the oldest and most trustworthy Czech banks, which also operates in Slovakia. It provides services to business entities and individuals, regardless of their residency. Cooperation with the bank gives many advantages: wide branch coverage, lack of requirements for turnover and, which often becomes a decisive criterion, — remote opening of accounts in various currencies with the transfer of all documentation by mail or work via Internet channels.

The CSOB requires from legal entities to have a statutory papers, trust declarations, certificates of incorporation and so-called “good standing” (for firms, which are exist more than 3 months). Identification data will also be needed for persons, directly involved in opening an account — foreign passports, utility bills, plus something else (driver’s license, ID card and other documentations). Private applicants provide evidence of identity and fill out a questionnaire. Documentation can be sent in the scanned forms.

In the CSOB, it is possible to manage accounts remotely, there is Internet banking, insurance services from the state, all types of cards are issued. The financial and credit organization cooperates with offshore companies, but requires supporting documentation for the operations. It is possible to open the account (standard or multicurrency) for the sum from 2500 euros and above.

A full range of support for working with the CSOB can be obtained from the company “Prifinance”. We accompany the client at all stages of account opening and operations with it.


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