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Euram Bank
Investment Account 2 weeks 1000 USD

Austrian Euram Bank opens accounts to non-residents of the country, both to individual applicants and corporate clientele. This is a private financial structure, founded in 1999. Today the bank has many investment products for wealthy partners, as well as convenient tools for doing business.

In particular, the Euram Bank provides the following services:

  • investment and corporate consulting, portfolio management;
  • support for sale/purchase of the business, enterprises, operations with securities;
  • fiduciary and Family Office services;
  • servicing of trusts, private funds;
  • issue of cards, pawnbrok credits, protection when entering new markets and so on.

Features of registration of accounts

Opening the account with the Euram Bank is possible in a remote mode — it is enough to meet with its representative on the domestic territory. “Passive” Internet banking, full-fledged management is available by phone, fax or e-mail (with voice confirmation).

The bank does not have requirements for initial investments, but there must always be a minimum balance on the accounts – from 100 thousand euros. Incoming payments are free, for servicing it is required to pay a quarterly 240 euros. To “meet” in the minimum processing time (about 7 working days), we recommend to use services of our company. “Prifinance” will ensure, that the opening of the account with the Euram Bank is not inconvenient and comfortable for the customer.

We will help you to prepare all the documentation:

  • bank forms;
  • originals of the constituent documentation for the corporate clientele;
  • information on the nature and location of the business (address), a summary of its beneficiaries;
  • originals of identity cards for the manager/private account holder.

The Bank reserves the right to request other documentations. With support of “Prifinance”, the procedure will take place with minimal involvement of the applicant and in the shortest possible time.


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