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Bank account Julius Bank

NameAccount typeOpening periodPrice
Julius Bankinvestment account10 working days500 USD500 USD500 USD

Julius Bank

Account type investment account
Opening period 10 working days
Price 500 USD

The account in a foreign bank not only significantly simplifies international settlements, but also enhances the prestige of the company, opens up new horizons for the owner. Switzerland is often chosen as a country for its opening. It is one of the largest banking centers in the world. There are reliable financial and credit institutions that provide a wide range of services here.

Julius Baer Bank is a bank with more than half a century of history, which is represented not only at homeland, in Switzerland, but also in many other countries. Representative offices are open in such cities as Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, and Moscow.

Benefits of opening an account

Opening an account with Julius Bank involves the collection and submission of constituent documents, papers identifying the identity of the applicant, directors, and shareholders of the company. The Bank reserves the right to request additional information in certain cases.

Cooperation with Julius Bank is advantageous in view of:

  • developed network of correspondent accounts;
  • optimal tariff policy;
  • support data privacy.

Opening an account with Julius Baer Bank is not an easy procedure. It is necessary to collect certain documents, prepare a justification for the sources of funds receipt. It is advisable to entrust these troubles to the employees of company Prifinance. Benefits are obviously:

  • saving time;
  • minimizing the risk of errors;
  • minimal involvement in the routine process;
  • increasing the chances for a positive decision of the financial and credit institution;
  • help in choosing the best services.

You can get help at every stage of building relationships with foreign banks, as well as a turnkey of service package in the company Prifinance. We will help you become a reliable bank customer with a wide range of products.

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