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Bank account PNB Banka (Norvik Banka)

NameAccount typeOpening periodPrice
PNB Banka (Norvik Banka)current account7-14 days500 EUR500 EUR500 EUR

PNB Banka (Norvik Banka)

Account type current account
Opening period 7-14 days
Price 500 EUR

By registering an offshore company, owners of companies at a certain stage face the need to choose a financial institution to open an account. Foreign banks offer favorable terms of cooperation for both legal entities and individuals. Independently to understand the intricacies of documentary registration of the account on the territory of another state is quite difficult. That's why the representatives of “Prifinance” offer transaction support services with Latvian bank the PNB Banka (previously called Norvik Banka). Through detailed consultation and assistance in the formation of the package of documents, we can significantly speed up the process and secure the client from errors.

The main advantages of the PNB Banka:

  • confidentiality of the account holder and the amount of residual funds;
  • the ability to open multiple accounts for a single name or company;
  • no requirements for minimum balance;
  • unlimited number of financial transactions;
  • presence of branches in London and Moscow;
  • the ability to manage finances remotely via Internet banking;
  • registration of documents without departure to the country where the institution is located.

Having opened the current account in Latvian bank, companies and individuals get new opportunities:

  • currency conversion;
  • payment on accounts inside the country and abroad in any available monetary units;
  • remote management of funds;
  • receiving of interest payments on the balance of the account.

Procedure for opening the account

Individuals and companies not listed on the Cayman Islands, Panama, St. Vincent and some other countries can open the multicurrency account in Latvian bank.

Companies should prepare a package of documents:

  • originals of constituent and charter papers, seal of the firm;
  • passports of management personnel (civil and foreign);
  • confirmation of registration of company participants (originals);
  • documents, that determine the level of income of beneficiaries and shareholders.

Individuals provide the following securities:

  • civil passport (foreign, if available);
  • a resume with indication the work places and experience;
  • certificate of income;
  • bank certificate, confirming the balance on the account.

Document review takes less than two weeks, but the response can be received no earlier than 10 working days from the date of sending data to the head office. If necessary, additional papers and information may be requested, which will result in an increase in the period for consideration of the application. Moreover, there is a risk of getting a refus to file the account without explaining the reasons. It is important to professionally approach the preparation of documents in order to avoid such an outcome.

The PNB Banka in Latvia, to the most active corporate clients, offers preferential terms of service. The specifics of interaction with a financial institution are discussed on an individual basis.

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