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Tallinn Business Bank

Name Account type Account Opening Period Price
Tallinn Business Bank
Corporate account 2-3 weeks 700 EUR

Any company, engaged in the registered activity, including offshore, has the right to remotely arrange the contractual obligations for the opening of an account with the bank in Tallinn. The main requirement for a representative of a legal entity (responsible for cooperation with a financial institution) is identification of the individual.

Before entering into a deal with Tallinn Business Bank, it is necessary to fill out a special form with a detailed description of the company’s activities, the amount of turnover, confirmation of the legality of settlements and other data. If necessary, a representative of the company can call for personal interviews with the bank, and you need to be prepared for this.

Professional assistance in completing the questionnaire and accompanying the transaction will be provided by specialists from “Prifinance”. We are focused on the peace of our customers, have been working for more than a year and always delve into all the specifics and nuances of each order. With us, Estonia will become for the company a pleasant business ally, not burdened with a mountain of documents and official requests.

Tallinn Business Bank is the guarantor of safety of money resources and a high level of confidentiality of the information. Opening an account in it, managers receive a number of advantages:

  • protection of depositors’ funds by the state guarantee fund of Estonia;
  • preferential loan terms are available to the bank’s clients;
  • possibility to execute the contract remotely at the company’s branches or through representatives;
  • an extensive list of available currencies;
  • no need to notarize copies of documents.

Procedure of opening the account

To open an account, it is needed to provide a package of documents:

  • constituent documents, apostille and seal;
  • documents on the right of ownership;
  • certificate of registration of the legal entity;
  • certificate of Good Standing and Certificate of Incumbency (certificates on the absence of debt and on the structure of the company).

Tallinn Business Bank does not keep originals, copies are copied from documents and returned to the owners. Procedure for opening the account takes about three weeks. The cost of registration depends on the place of registration of the legal entity, but does not exceed 700 euros.

After the conclusion of the transaction, the account can be managed remotely via Internet banking. Also, clients use the issue of corporate cards for easy payment of goods and services.


If you order a new company untill 31 of July, opening a bank account is for FREE

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